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From: =?iso-8859-1?q?rose=20williams?= <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 02/16/2002 20:30:05
Mrs . Rose Williams
Avenue 16 Rue 13
Treichville Abidjan
ivory Coast
TELE   00225 07 94 89 94 
 ATTN: Director,

 Dear  Sir,

 I am Rose Williams the wife of former Minister of
 finance of the Republic of Sierra Leone and also
 diamond and gold merchant. Honourable Austin Jerry
 Williams who died in December 4th last year in
 Freetown , Sierra Leone.

 I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to
 seek your assistance to transfer of our cash of
 eight million dollars ( $ 38,000,000,00. ). Now in
 custody of a security company here in Abidjan to
 private account pending our arrival to your country,
 source of the money : :- My late husband, honourable
 Austin Jerry Williams, a native of Mende district in
 the northern province of Sierra Leone ,owned a large
 filed of diamond and gold plantation before he
 finance minister  and later died at the peak of the
 civil war between the rebels before of major Paul

 My son Royal who is 25 yrs old and Jennet my
 who is 21 yrs old and I move to Abidjan with the
 of United Nation peace force ( UN ) troops who gave
 humanitarian help by crossings us through their
 special duty speed boat to Abidjan . Our only hope
 in two metallic iron trunk boxes we deposited in the
 security company.

 To this effect , I humbly solicit your assistance in
 the following ways. To assist  me  claim this box
 the security company as co-beneficiary  to transfer
 this money in your name to your country, to make a
 good arrangement for a joint business investment on
 our behalf in your country and you the care taker.

 Most importantly, the security company officials do
 not know the exact content  of the boxes, because it
 was declared as family valuables. The whole
 issued after deposit is in my son's custody .

 For your assistance , I concede 15% of this money
 your efforts and assistance and another 10% of
 expenses that may occur during the transaction.

 Lastly, I urge you to keep this transaction strictly
 confidential. Please try to reach us as you get this

 Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon

 God richly bless you.


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