Subject: Re: MVME167A, NBSD1.4(patched), rock-solid xdm
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 09/21/1999 19:41:36
On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Jason Thorpe wrote:

>  Steve Woodford <> wrote:
>  > Actually, I wasn't aware this had been implemented yet. Do any other ports
>  > currently make use of it?

> The i386 port uses it to make memory < 16M "lower priority" so that bounce
> buffers have a better chance of allocing it.

It seems someone beat me to it. Looking at mvme68k's machdep.c, it already
has two segments, 0==onboard memory, 1==VMEbus memory. Would I be right to
assume UVM treats segment 0 as higher priority than segment 1?

Cheers, Steve