Subject: Re: How do I install bootblocks?
To: None <>
From: Ahilan Anantha <ahilan@franklin.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 04/21/1997 19:16:45
Thanks everyone!

I've managed to get the 147 to boot off the local disk and it
is running happily now.

For the record, I did these things to make it work:

(Starting from a network booting configuration)

0. Created a disklabel with no offset for partition "a". (I got the
wrong idea to have an offset from using the hp300 port where I believe
it was necessary to do so).

1. Copied /usr/mdec/bootsd into a directory /stand as soon as
I had newfs'd my root filesystem.

2. Bootlabeled (in single user mode):
cd /usr/mdec
./installboot /mnt/stand/bootsd bootxx /dev/rsd0c
(/mnt is where /dev/sd0a is mounted)

3. Extracted the export_root_mvme68k.tar.gz onto the new root filesystem. 

4. Ran "./MAKEDEV all" in /mnt/etc to create all the devices.

5. Mkdir /mnt/usr
(So my usr partition has a mount point)

6. Mounted my new /usr filesystem and extracted export_exec_mvme68k.tar.gz
onto it.

7. Halted, and booted off the disk with:
bo 3,0 netbsd
(My SCSI disk is at SCSI ID 3)

Ahilan Anantha
Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley