Subject: Re: How do I install bootblocks?
To: None <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 04/18/1997 18:49:22
On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Chuck Cranor wrote:

> 	the problem is that the mvme prom wants to boot from
> the start of the disk (it isn't like a sun prom... it doesn't
> know about partitions).   
> 	the first level bootblock (bootxx) has to get put installboot
> at the front of the disk.   i would suggest you start "a" at
> offset zero and then it should work.   this needs to be better 
> documented.

Chuck's advice about partition 'a' starting at offset 0 is valid; it won't
work on the mvme68k without this. I also use /dev/rsd0c as the last
argument to installboot. Usually I do the following (with the target
filesystem mounted on /mnt):

oor-wullie# mkdir /mnt/stand
oor-wullie# cd /usr/mdec
oor-wullie# cp bootsd /mnt/stand
oor-wullie# ./installboot /mnt/stand/bootsd bootxx /dev/rsd0c
oor-wullie# umount /dev/rsd0a

This way, the 'bootsd' 2nd-level bootloader is hidden away in /stand so
there's less chance of it being deleted by tired fingers ;-)

Once it's installed, assuming your boot disk is SCSI#0,  you can set Bug
to boot using:
Controller LUN  =nn? 0
Device LUN      =nn? 0
Default string  =  ? netbsd
Boot at power-up only     [Y,N] ? N

On any board Reset:
Auto Boot from Controller 0, Device 0, netbsd

This way your system will boot on power-up or reset. You can also boot
from the 147-Bug> prompt by typing just BO <return>.

You can pass options to the bootloader as follows:

147-Bug> BO ,,-s

This boots NetBSD single user.

Hope this helps :)

Cheers, Steve