Subject: Re: panic: bad dir
To: None <>
From: John Birrell <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 03/22/1997 10:01:28
Jason Thorpe wrote:
> ...yah, I hadn't heard of this, either.  I'm still running my 147 diskless,
> though... it doesn't like it when I plug SCSI devices into the bus..
> even the Bug loses :-/

Did you do an IOT from the bug?

>  > Sorry I can't fully answer your other questions just yet; I'm not bang up
>  > to date with -current at the moment, while I try and sync my source tree
>  > with the CVS tree. However, it does look like the addition of std.mvme68k
>  > should remove the need for 'machine' in VME147...
> ...just fixed that.
>  > As for the pflushs, it assembles fine on my 1.2. Are you sure your gas is
>  > up to date?

My gas is from the 1.2 tarballs -- I started the installation just before
Chuck announced the 1.2C snapshot 8-(.

Has gas/68k changed since 1.2 was released?

> seems to assemble OK for me, too.

Oh well, I'll keep trying. I left it building the main src tree last
night. It's taken 12 hours to build and install the libs and get into
the gnu stuff on make depend. Ugh.

> Jason R. Thorpe                             


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