Subject: mvme68k news
To: None <port-mvme68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 03/19/1997 13:56:42
greetings friends-

	i've build a NetBSD-current (1.2C) snapshot for your enjoyment.
you can ftp it from

	i'm also pleased to announce that i've asked Steve Woodford 
<> to help out with the mvme68k port and
he has agreed to give it a go!   Steve helped with the port of
the sbic driver to the mvme68k and has several 147's running netbsd.

	patchlevel 1 of netbsd 1.2 is currently being worked on.
i hope to get a binary snapshot of this sometime soon -- i've asked
Steve to help here.   since it takes such a long time to compile
netbsd from scratch on a vme147 it may be a few weeks before it is

	work continues on merging parts of the m68k support into
the common m68k area.   hopefully the mvme68k specific part of the
kernel source tree will continue to shrink as we factor out the
common parts (you'll note that the mvme68k and hp300 port are closely
related!).   thanks to jason and the other m68k port-masters and 
crew for continuing to work on this.