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Re: Trying to fix my broken MIPS CI20

On Sat, 8 Jul 2023 at 17:21, David Brownlee <abs%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Jul 2023 at 19:20, Lwazi Dube <lwazeh%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I can't boot my CI20. The "dmesg" is at the end. The diff below is the
> > only way I have found to get to the shell. I will post working CI20
> > dmesg in the following message.
> > If there is another solution, please let me know.
> When you say "broken", would you mean you know there is a hardware
> issue, or that NetBSD does not boot without your changes? If the
> latter - would you know if earlier versions of NetBSD have the same
> issue?
> David

The hardware is not broken. I refer to my board as broken because no
one else seems to be having issues running modern NetBSD. NetBSD does
not boot all the way to the sh prompt without my changes. I am trying
to get a newer version than the 7.99.x that I tried years ago. This is
the closest I have come to a working modern version.

The other workaround (unacceptable to me) is to comment out all the
USB support, including ehci and ohci, in the CI20 config file.

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