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Reminder: bootable ISOs and official releases

Hey folks,

it has been pointed out that I should stress a point here again (after the
9.0 release) that most of you will remember, but new users might not:

 - for macppc and mac68k the official release ISO images differ from those
   created by "build.sh release iso-image" (and the daily builds)

The official release ISOs should be bootable/usable according to the release
notes for their architectures. This is not true for the daily builds or
build.sh results: those lack the HFS-hybrid part and are plain ISO 9660
file systems.

We hope to solve this differences "some day", but it has not happened yet.

The magic to create the hybrid ISOs can be found in src/distrib/cdrom,
but (apparently) you need special/old versions of cdrtools installed.


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