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Re: NetBSD/luna88k

On Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 06:34, Timothy McIntosh <tkmcintosh%me.com@localhost> wrote:
> > It would be great if we can get svn repo data on your work.
> FYI - The old SVN repository should be accessible again at any of the following URLs:
> http://trac.gds.radiofreeomaha.net/NetBSD/
> http://hoth.radiofreeomaha.net/svn/NetBSD/
> http://hoth.radiofreeomaha.net:3000/svn/NetBSD/ - deprecated
> Please let me know if it doesn’t work.  I have a rather convoluted legacy network configuration that needs reworked.  It will be rather slow, as this is going through a proxy server hosted in a VM on a slow machine, with the SVN sever residing on an even slower machine that is mounting an NFS share containing the SVN repository from the machine that hosts the proxy server.

Would you mind if someone took a public copy of the svn tree for
reference - possibly to somewhere like github?



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