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Re: NetBSD/luna88k

> Well NetBSD/playstation2 famourly required an out of tree gcc for the
> longest time, so I don't know if that should preclude adding it to the
> main tree :)

In playstation case, IIUC it requires special gcc only for kernels,
to work around R5900 bugs around specific privileged instructions.
I also doubt all R5900 quirks in kernel sources have been restored..

Anyway, there are so many MI changes that require MD implementation
since netbsd-3 days (softint(9) etc for vmlocking2, ipl(9) stuff
for yamt-idlelwp and yamt-splraiseipl, vm changes for yamt-km etc.)
so it depends on motivations and spare time of all developers :-)

Izumi Tsutsui

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