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Re: NetBSD/luna88k

On 7/26/22 10:44 AM, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> Just FYI,
> ...
> so NetBSD/luna88k won't be merged into the HEAD, but
> is just a fun project :-)

Thanks for sharing this update! I wasn't aware of the "nono" emulator,
though I think I had seen a post about GXemul support previously.

For the list, I will be exhibiting a LUNA 88k (Mk 1 / CMU "prototype,"
at exhibit #40) at the Vintage Computer Festival West in California on
August 6 & 7th, and another exhibitor has indicated they may bring a
LUNA 68k. Both will be static displays, not running systems. In my case
I do have the keyboard, mouse, and cables - they are just misplaced in
storage and have not been found yet... It was still able to run Mach
(not sure which version it came with) when all components were in the
same place circa 2004.

In case anybody who has asked previously is on these lists: Yes, I hope
to create EPROM dumps before VCFW, and maybe try to get a disk image
since I'll be taking things apart anyway. Though be warned, $DAYJOB is
threatening to explode between now and August 5th, and I'm still trying
to get the exhibit put together...


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