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Re: NVMM on non-x86?

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 12:34:48AM -0800, Chris Hanson wrote:
> Can you explain in more detail, or point me to someplace I could read
> up? What's needed beyond the Popek & Goldberg virtualization
> requirements?

You are right, it (maybe) just is a matter of efficiency of the emulated
parts of the VMM.

I wasn't aware how many unprivileged sensitive instructions the x86
instruction set has untill I looked it up (vs. a single one on m68000).

And thinking about it, some of the features introduced with AMD-V or
Intel VT-x (or only available in newer x86 cpus) like virtual page
tables have no meaning for RISC architectures (but for efficient m68k
virtualiziation they would be welcome).


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