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Re: btnetbsd ...

Hiya Niel,

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 07:33:51PM +0100, Niel Drummond wrote:
> >>Used 261120 kb DRAM at 0xc0000000 for video memory
> >>Found ROM  (0) at 0xa0000000 for   4096 k
> >>Found I/O      (0) at 0x00000000 for  28224 k
> >>Found I/O      (0) at 0x90000000 for  64 k
> >>Found I/O      (0) at 0xa3000000 for  4096 k
> >>Found I/O      (0) at 0xa8000000 for  65536 k
> >>Found DRAM      (0) at 0xcff00000 for  1024 k
> >>    
> >
> >This is what i meant! 261 MB (!) for video memory? sure thats the cause 
> >that something goes horribly wrong... it only finds ONE MB of RAM wich is 
> >... rather poor :-D
> Some of these bars I seem to be able to adjust, but whenever I run the 
> bootloader it resets "Screen memory" to 0.

This morning it struck me that what it reports is correct! It *does* have 
that amount of video memory available (aprox.) ONLY its part of PCI card's 
and not part of the main memory and thus the assertion that if there is no 
VRAM its part of DRAM0 is false.

Either the memory and I/O extents enumeration needs to be thought about PCI 
extents (PRM!) or the presence of a PCI SWI needs to be checked (using 
OS_SWINumberFromString) and if its there, then set a flag to indicate VRAM 
is NOT part of main memory.

Has Iyonix now support for its video now etc? the TODO is quite old and 
might not be relevant anymore.

With regards,

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