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Re: IBM Network Station (ibmnws) users

helmut <hcossmann%online.de@localhost> wrote:
>I'm running netbsd 2.0.2 on a ibmnws 1000 A53, root on NFS exported
>from a suse93 linux; network performance is very bad compared to the
>shark running NFS netbsd 2.0.2 off the same NFS server, although the
>shark has a 10mb interface only.

>I'd like to turn the ibmnws into a router/firewall but I can't seem
>to get the IBM Ethernet II pcmcia card to work although the bios
>reports the card correctly; the card is a ne2k compatible card I've
>used with netbsd 1.6 and linux 2.2 on a x86 laptob long before so
>I assume the problem is not with the card itself but with getting
>the pcmcia controller configured and attached.

What dmesg do you get with your kernel ?

Robert Swindells

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