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Re: GNU toolchain obsoletes ia64

On 14.08.2020 22:01, Jason Thorpe wrote:
>> On Aug 14, 2020, at 10:38 AM, Kamil Rytarowski <kamil%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
>> Context:
>>  I notice 13 ia64-linux ld segfaults too when running the ld
>> testsuite with an ia64-linux compiler installed.  Are you or anyone
>> else at Intel interested in fixing those, or should ia64 be obsoleted
>> too?
>> What's the NetBSD politics regarding this move in upstream GNU toolchain
>> project?
> I suppose the question is "does the ia64-netbsd target pass the test suite, and if not, are we interested in fixing it?"  If the answer is "yes" to the first question, then we should request that ia64-netbsd be allowed to live on.  If the answer is "no", then we should either step up and fix it or we should let it die.  If we let it die, then we have to consider our options for the ia64 port.
> It's a pretty straightforward problem, really.

Additionally, no action is equivalent to letting it die.

If we want to keep it up, it could be one of the latest chances.

> -- thorpej

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