Subject: Re: Building NetBSD-current
To: David Dudley <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/27/2007 22:15:52
David Dudley wrote:
> I'm building NetBSD-current for use on a Soekris 5501 card (500 MHZ
> Geode, Network, ...).
> The hardware doesn't have resources for running XWindow applications,
> as it only has serial ports and network connections.
> When I try to build from source with the script, is there a
> way for me to build an installation image that does not contain X?  I
> don't need X on these servers, and it just clutters up the package.  Can
> I successfully build a release package without X in some manner?  I've
> tried building without -x, but things fail when I try to build a disk
> image.
> Thanks,
> David Dudley

Hi David,

I have a Soekris myself but I didn't end up bothering with anything too
special to get NetBSD on it.  I did a standard install from default
netbsd-4 media but just minimised the sets I chose.  I run it off a 1Gb
CF card and I'm only using just over 200Mb now (base sets + some
packages).  In terms of the sets I chose base, etc, man, misc, and text.
 I suppose you could get even more hardcore than that and just install
base and etc.