Subject: Re: ACPI S4BIOS support
To: None <,>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/12/2007 21:50:55
> Hi all,
> is there someone out in NetBSD with hardware that supports S4BIOS?
> Does it actually work? Is there someone *using* it?

I usually use it with Fujitsu LOOX S60C.

> If the answer to this three question is no, I would like to remove the
> support...

Although the number of machines having S4BIOS support probably
decreases (because Windows doesn't use it - instead, it seems to use
non-BIOS S4 suspend), a little old laptops have it, and it is rather
useful on such machines.

I don't think that we should support S4BIOS actively since it is
on the way out, but I guess we may leave the codes to drive it for
the moment.

Anyway, we need support for non-BIOS save-to-disk suspend.
Perhaps it is a good item for the next Google SoC.