Subject: Re: AHA-2940 UW SCSI adapter problems?
To: <>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/19/2005 08:53:12
On 7/19/05, <> wrote:
> Quoting Hauke Fath <>:
> > Am 19.07.2005 um 8:25 Uhr -0700 schrieb Andy Ruhl:
> > >I don't think the 2940UW is going to work with that disk, isn't that
> > >an LVD disk?
> >
> > LVD disks will happily fall back to SE SCSI if needed.
> >
> >       hauke
> Oh joy, it will work then?  I've just googled quickly for that,
> and don't understand a word of it (LVD vs. SE) but I'll spend
> some more time on it today.
> I should get myself a book on SCSI as well.
> Are SCSI disks really all they are cracked up to be?  Is SCSI vs.
> ATA just a religious war, or are there technical merits to SCSI?

Sorry to give you that incorrect information. There are times when
there are incompatibilities for sure though, although most of the time
the physical connectors are made in such a way to keep this from
happening. Not always.

Yes, there are technical merits to scsi. You'll find that it's the
protocol used to communicate between most high end storage devices.
ATA probably won't make it past disk drives and cdrom drives (yes
there are other ATA devices, I know), although I'm probably not smart
enough to say that with any conviction.