Subject: Re: acpi <> PCIBIOS_INTR_FIXUP?
To: Christopher SEKIYA <>
From: Thomas Runge <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/18/2005 10:39:22
On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Christopher SEKIYA wrote:

> As one would expect, as GENERIC_LAPTOP defines:
> 	# PCI fixups, for both PCIBIOS and ACPI
> 	options         PCI_ADDR_FIXUP          # fixup PCI I/O addresses
> 	options         PCI_BUS_FIXUP           # fixup PCI bus numbering
> 	options         PCI_INTR_FIXUP          # fixup PCI interrupt routing
> PCI_BUS_FIXUP is necessary to initialize the bus number for cbb0.

Damn, I mixed up the netbsd-3 branch with HEAD. I didn't have the
PCI_* options, just PCIBIOS_*, which didn't work with acpi.

Sorry, for the noise, I'll try again this evening, now with the
correct cvs branch.