Subject: console problem with thinkpad 755cx
To: None <>
From: Christoper 'Han' Tucker <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/04/2005 00:02:08
I have the same problem this fellow had:

>> I`m trying to get XFree86 running on an IBM Thinkpad
>> 755CX notebook in 800x600 LCD mode but having a problem
>> with text output to the console getting messed up.
>[ ... ]
>> FreeBSD using "fbsdboot -r." But while booting all
>> text lines from the copyright message onward look
>> like they`re printed on the same line (with one or
>The console has 30 lines.  It believes that it has scrolled when it
>goes to the 26th and believes the cursor has been repositioned to the
>25th line and keeps going.
>The way to fix it is to get the hardware to respond correctly to
>the probe for number of lines.  8-).
>Barring that, you can hack the console seorce code to tell it 30

(except I'm using NetBSD, not FreeBSD)

The laptop has a strange video system. The screen is physicall 800x600
pixels. But when booted, it naturally bootes into 640x480, only using the
center portion of the screen (with a black border of unused pixels)

IBM included a dos driver that can set the screen to 800x600.

I set the laptop to first boot into DOS, then load the driver. That
switches the screen to 800x600. Then I use dosboot -u wd0:netbsd to
bootstrap into netbsd, but then I have the aforementioned problem (above)
with the text not wrapping correctly.

From what I've read in the man pages, wscons and "vga" do not support up
to 800x600 pixels, cuz the vga driver only goes to something like 700
pixels wide.

Would a custom kernel solve the problem?

Thanks for any help.

- Chris Tucker