Subject: Address Space Handler of Acpi Embedded Controller
To: None <>
From: Hanspeter Roth <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/30/2005 11:03:31

in the dmesg.boot it is stated that installing the address space
handler of the ACPI Embedded Controller fails:

acpiec0 at acpi0 (PNP0C09): ACPI Embedded Controller
acpiec0: io 0x62,0x66
acpiec0: EcRead: timeout waiting for EC to send data
    ACPI-0522: *** Error: Handler for [EmbeddedControl] returned AE_ERROR
    ACPI-1341: *** Error: Method execution failed [\_SB_.C046.C059.C0EA._REG] (Node 0xc10e5760), AE_ERROR
acpiec0: unable to install address space handler: AE_ERROR

What are the consequences?