Subject: RE: Fanless processor for socket 370?
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Date: 05/27/2005 09:55:21
there is always water cooling !
but now you are talking megabucks.

this is really not a big deal.
the real question is how much money can you afford to throw at this =
and which is more important to you, your bank account or your sanity?

some of the choices available to you are, ear plugs, giant heatsink and =
no fan, medium heatsink and smaller than existing fan, keep the system =
as is but put the chassis in another room, water cooling, cryogenic =
systems, etc ..... ????
if this were mine, i would double the heatsink area and halve the fan =
speed. do the math very carefully here unless you like smoke.=20


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> This isn't really a NetBSD question, but I'm sure someone knows this.
> I've got an Abit BP6 (the infamous dual Celeron board) which is
> starting to remind me of a jet airplane taking off.
> Is there a such thing as a fanless CPU for socket 370? I believe this
> board will do 66mhz or 100mhz frontside bus speed. I don't really need
> to have dual CPUs either, although I have 2 Celeron 366s in there now.
> I also have another board with a slot 1 CPU mount, but I have the
> socket 370 converter for it. If there was a fanless CPU for slot 1,
> that might work as well.
> Thanks for any help.
> Andy

Here's a ludicrously large heatsink for your cpu.=20

you'll need a small amount of airflow in the case, or at least a vent =
 the heatsink and one at the bottom to make use of natural convection. = also=20
has a wide assortment of low-noise parts.

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