Subject: Re: Fanless processor for socket 370?
To: Wolfgang S. Rupprecht <>
From: Timo Schoeler <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/27/2005 09:02:45
thus Wolfgang S. Rupprecht spake:
> Andy Ruhl <> writes:
>>Anyway, there isn't much room in there for those huge copper things. I
>>know of a way to quiet down fans a little (rough up the leading edge
>>of the blades), so I'll try that while I mull all of these great
> Some fans are just better designed than others.  The ones that come
> with the factory heatsinks on the athlon64 and opterons are very
> quiet.  I've seen the fans with heatsinks going for around $15 in the
> aftermarket.  With a bit of tinkering and one of the straps from an
> old heatsink you could probably adapt them to an old socket.  I've
> been thinking of retro-fitting my older computers with the newer
> heatsinks and fans and enjoying the quiet.

that's true, i know guys using peecee coolers to attach to their amiga's
68060 CPU and 'make it go a little faster' ;) -- it works well, not at
least thanks to the efficiency of modern coolers.

> My only gripe with the new narrow-spaced heatsinks is that dust can
> clog them so you really do need to blow them out once every 2 - 3
> months.  I guess the wider spacing of the fins on the older heatsinks
> wasn't only for ease of manufacturing.
> -wolfgang

it's a neccessity because a larger surface (which is achieved my making
coolers with much more, but also finer and bigger [lenght] fins) is much
more able to cool those little nuclear things called P4 and Athlon down
nowdays ;)


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