Subject: Re: Updating NetBSD and PKGSRC
To: NetBSD Port-i386 Users <>
From: Robert Zagarello <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/20/2005 22:27:45

Yes you are right.  I did not know there was a
difference between CVS exporting and the pkgsrc
directory structure itself.  As it turns out, I used
cvs to get it on both the PCs I've installed.  Thanks.
 I'm glad I asked... :-)


--- Michael Kukat <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 20 May 2005, Robert Zagarello wrote:
> > The Guide says I can use cvs update -Pd for PKGSRC
> > while the install manual says to delete pkgsrc
> > altogether and download the entire package source
> > again.
> A CVS update only works, if you got your pkgsrc by
> cvs export. Otherwise, all
> those CVS directories and the files in them are
> either missing or contain the
> wrong data.
> It's a good idea, to keep a CVS mirror of NetBSD at
> home for such things.
> > I'm interested in the update method - does the
> update
> > method delete older versions or just write new
> ones,
> > or is it simply dependent on the name, etc?  I'd
> > rather find out this way then risk a reinstall at
> this
> > point.
> Look for a CVS directory in your pkgsrc. There
> should be one in each directory,
> but checking in toplevel should be enough. If it
> exists, check for a File
> "Root" and have a look at the contents. If this is a
> working CVSROOT, you can
> use cvs update. Otherwise, you should either
> download the pkgsrc package or
> start using CVS for this.
> You seem to want to update your whole system.
> Upgrading pkgsrc just upgrades
> the build information, you have to update all the
> packages afterwards.
> ...Michael
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