Subject: Updating NetBSD and PKGSRC
To: NetBSD Port-i386 Users <>
From: Robert Zagarello <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/20/2005 18:05:21
I've installed NetBSD V2.0 and now I want to update it
to V2.02.  I also want to update PKGSRC.

The Guide says I can use cvs update -Pd for PKGSRC
while the install manual says to delete pkgsrc
altogether and download the entire package source

I'm interested in the update method - does the update
method delete older versions or just write new ones,
or is it simply dependent on the name, etc?  I'd
rather find out this way then risk a reinstall at this

The upgrading of NetBSD is handled using sysinst,
correct?  So if I used my own CD containing the NetBSD
V2.02 binaries and kernel and the pair of boot
floppies, all I have to do is select from the sysinst
menu "Upgrade..." correct?