Subject: dual Xeon question
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/18/2005 09:26:12

i'm planning to replace my FreeBSD/alpha box by something to have more fun and
less problems with. The components will partly kept (enclosure, RAID
controller, drives), and partly replaced (board, CPU, power supply, RAM).
I currently looked out for the following components:

1x Tyan S5350G2NR
2x 1GB DDR-RAM PC-333 Infineon CL2,5
2x Intel Xeon 2,8GHz 800MHz

As i'm out of business with PeeCees for quite a while now, please tell me if
there is a real showstopper among those components. Meanwhile i know more
about Sun/IBM/HP than about this daily changing PC hardware. Not mentioned is
the new power supply i need for SSI instead of ATX connector to the board.

I plan to run NetBSD 2.0 (some patch release, 2.0.2 or 2.0.3), build the whole
system on my own, including packages, with all funny optimizations to get the
most out of the hardware.

First question: has someone good experience with some or even all of the above
components running NetBSD 2.0 and using SMP and HTT?

Second question: I read about the amd64 port making use of EM64T. Any positive
results in stability (think this question will also go to port-amd64 as soon
as i cleared the 32bit side :)

Third question: Anyone running a 3ware 7506-4LP with NetBSD 2.0, preferably in
a 64bit PCI slot? Again, performance and robustness is the point.

Against the FreeBSD 4.9 on my PC164 with the 3ware controller, i don't want
another system crashing now and then, and due to the "binary-only"-support for
the 3ware, i want to switch over to x86 with this upgrade. Besides this, the
price/performance ratio is quite a bit better for x86 based hardware than for
"real" computers :)

Any hints/success stories welcome.


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