Subject: Re: "/sbin/init failure" comes back!
To: None <>
From: Samuel Lacas <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/10/2005 12:02:51
Daniel Carosone wrote:
> It sounds like overlapping partitions to me, and could still be if you
> only checked the MBR partitions.  Check carefully that the MBR
> partitions (via fdisk(8)) don't overlap (this is what windows uses)
> and *ALSO* that the NetBSD partitions (via disklabel(8)) line up
> properly with the MBR partitions. Also make sure that a mismatch of
> BIOS geometry isn't causing confusion in determining the above.
> --
> Dan.

I may no longer check the disklabel/fdisk consistency, as there is
a Linux standing in the middle now :) But I'll verify the point for
my next install.

BTW, if there is a mismatch with the disk geometry, what can I do ?

Sincerely yours,