Subject: Re: Screenblank does not work properly
To: Dion van der Grijp <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/04/2005 20:24:55
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> AFAICT this problem has been around for many years.  Something seems
> to be fundamentally wrong with this piece of code, and somehow
> nobody has succeeded in making it work properly.  It's not clear why
> it cannot be made to work, and what exactly is preventing that from
> happening.

Sounds more like nobody bothered looking at it so far.

> I'm guessing that part of the problem (for NetBSD) is getting the=20
> screen blanking function to work across all architectures as
> non-specifically as possible, which would probably not be that
> straightforward.

At least for all platforms using wscons this code would be exactly the

> Yes, there are other more pressing matters to attend to, but this one=20
> needs attention too. :-)

Exactly :)

> I would really like to see screenblank work properly.  I've been=20
> wondering: what does everyone else out there running NetBSD do?=20
> Switch of the terminal when leaving for a while?

For instance...

> Perhaps (I'm guessing) a lot of users rely on screen blanking as
> provided in the X Window environment, and that's great, but what=20
> about those who do _not_ use a GUI environment?  They also need the
> screen to go blank.

I guess most people are using X these days, and those who don't are
probably clever enough to turn their monitors off instead of letting
things burn in :)

have fun

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