Subject: Re: can't connect
To: Paul (NCC/CS) <>
From: Tim Shepard <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/27/2005 10:23:47
> spirit% ftp -p
> Connected to
> 421 Service not available, remote server timed out. Connection closed
> ftp>

In the DNS does have both an A record and an AAAA record.

I've recently (past couple months) seen some difficulty getting to
some IPv6 addresses (but not all) from some of my machines which are
using IPv6 addresses derived from the 6to4 mechanism (RFC 3056 & RFC 3068).

So if you have any IPv6 configured, that might have something to do
with it (and explain why IPv4-only sites remain reachable with ftp).

Just a guess.

			-Tim Shepard