Subject: failure to load shared libraries
To: None <>
From: Steve Blinkhorn <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/22/2005 17:43:55
I see this topic over and over again, but many of the replies are

I am running stock 2.0.   Attempting to build a 3rd-party package, I
get the error message:

couldn't load file "": Undefined PLT symbol
"XFreePixmap" (symnum = 16)

(I have stripped the path off the filenames as it gives away details
of one of my machines).

when the required file is present in the same directory as I am doing
the build.   If I copy it to somewhere like /usr/lib, the message
changes to one indicating that an X11 library could not be found.   I
had the same problem under 1.6.2, and heard that it was fixed in 2.0,
something to do with

Does anyone know whether there is something to do with configuration
going on here, i.e. is there a stock environment variable that needs
setting, or some standard flag that needs setting in Makefiles?   I
take it that the search list for shared libraries is what is at issue,
but the man pages warn against using for this purpose.

Steve Blinkhorn <>