Subject: Re: Ext2fs supported?
To: Yasir Malik <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/18/2004 18:04:24

> Thanks, that worked.  I updated fstab accordingly.
> I carved out the ext2fs partition so I could install Oracle 10g in 
> hopes
> of seeing better performance than using UFS2.  However, I've noticed 
> that
> ext2fs is slower than UFS2 on some of tests I've done (diskcheck takes
> longer, removing large files takes longer, etc.).  Is ext2fs supposed 
> to
> be slower on NetBSD than UFS2?

Yes, at least if you use FFS with soft updates / soft dependencies. The 
rumor of ufs being slow was triggered by FreeBSD defaulting to 
synchronous writing as far as I remember, in NetBSD it's always been 
pretty speedy.
( especially when I compare my AIX box and the S900 - both 300MHz, 604e 
vs. G3, jfs vs ffs/softdep - the AIX box wins on raw throughput because 
it has wide SCSI but loses big time in file creating/deleting and 
dealing with lots of (small) files )

So, if I had to choose between (U|F)FS(2) and ext2fs I'd always go for 
FFS... ext3fs might be an option because it has journaling but that's 
not supported by BSD so better use FFS, enable soft dependencies for 
additional data safety and some speed gain. I wouldn't go for FFS2/UFS2 
yet - not even the FreeBSD folks think it's ready for serious work and 
in NetBSD it's still beta.

have fun