Subject: Re: Ext2fs supported?
To: NetBSD mailing list <>
From: Yasir Malik <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/18/2004 17:47:58
> The strings that disklabel(8) allows in the "fstype" column are
> listed in the fstypenames array defined in <sys/disklabel.h>.  For
> ext2fs, the appropriate string seems to be "Linux Ext2".

Thanks, that worked.  I updated fstab accordingly.
I carved out the ext2fs partition so I could install Oracle 10g in hopes
of seeing better performance than using UFS2.  However, I've noticed that
ext2fs is slower than UFS2 on some of tests I've done (diskcheck takes
longer, removing large files takes longer, etc.).  Is ext2fs supposed to
be slower on NetBSD than UFS2?