Subject: Strange resource error message on NetBSD-2.0_BETA
To: None <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/17/2004 08:11:33
	Hello.  I'm running NetBSD-2.0_BETA/i386 with sources as of 5/15/2004
or so, both user and kernel, and I'm seeing the following message from time
to time on one of the systems running this code base:

Jul 17 07:23:06 lothlorien /netbsd: warning: resource shortage: 1 pages of swap lost

	This system is running raidframe, with  a Level 5 raid of 3 disks.
It swaps to the raid, per Greg Oster's changes to raidframe in early May to
make that possible.
	I'm running a number of systems on this code base, and this is the
only system on which I'm seeing this message.  This system is one of the
busiest ones running this code, however, and it does tend to page heavily
from time to time.
	I found the message in /usr/src/sys/uvm/uvm_swap.c, line 1612 in
uvm_swap_free(), but don't really understand what this message is trying to
tell me, or what I can do about it.
This is running 
/*	$NetBSD: uvm_swap.c,v 2004/05/15 13:48:49 tron Exp $	*/

	Does anyone know what's going on here, if it's serious, and if there's
a fix?  If anyone wants me to provide any further diagnostics, I can.
Also, I'm willing to test changes, if people have them.

Many thanks for any assistance.