Subject: Re: Partial Success - Missing Command
To: Glenn Jarvis <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/09/2004 23:07:30
In message <>, Glenn Jarvis writes:
>Hi Folks,
>Well, finally got NetBSD installed. Gives new life to the old beast. I 
>hooked everything back up the way it originally was and it did find the 
>secondary HD as well as noticing the CDROM was on the SB IDE interface. 
>This was good news.
>Now for the bad news...  :-)
>I logged in as root, got my prompt  #
>I then entered adduser and hit enter.
>System responds, command not found.
>Ah... (scratching head), the installation said everything was installed 
>and with success. Am I missing something or have I made an error?
>(or point me to a link for a User's Guide would be the best!)

On NetBSD, the command is called useradd...

Do you know about the 'man' command?  It will print the documentation 
for any command, file format, system call, device driver, etc.  Of 
particular interest is 'man -k', though that might not work until after 
the weekly job runs for the first time.  Of course, by default that 
will happen in the wee hours Saturday morning -- don't turn off your 
machine overnight....

		--Steve Bellovin,