Subject: Re: System Question
To: Glenn Jarvis <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/09/2004 22:37:04
>>> Will it need to access [the CD drive] because D-Drive has been
>>> added?
>> I'm not sure what you're asking here.  [...]
> I was pretty tired when I wrote that, so I'll give it another go.
> Try and bear with me.  If I take for example my (yech)Windows box and
> add a another HD, it realizes a new drive has been added.  Normally
> it doesn't require the Windows CD , but who knows...

...aha!  I think I see.  Been too long since I did Windows, I guess.

Most briefly, the answer to your question is "no, it won't".  NetBSD
doesn't do the kind of "let's not even keep around drivers for hardware
we don't have" silliness Windows does.  (They may not be in your
kernel, but it takes specific careful action to eliminate some but not
all of the drivers from the kernel build tree.)

> I wasn't sure if it would ask for the CD that I burned the NetBSD
> ISO's to.

No, this is not an issue.  NetBSD doesn't do the "let's bother the user
every time we think something might have changed hardwarily" thing
Windows does; each boot it re-probes the machine's hardware afresh.
The closest thing to the Windows way arises if you have USB or PCMCIA
or some such hot-swappable interface, in which case adding or removing
a device can cause the kernel to wake up and do stuff - but even there,
it's either going to recognize it and support it or it's going to have
no clue what to do with it; it's not going to try to grovel through the
install CD at run time.  (Indeed, what if you didn't install from CD?)

> If it can't find the CDROM on the ide channel of the sound card, I'd
> be in a bit of a spot.

Well, you still may be, if you ever want to read CDs... :-)

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