Subject: Re: System Question
To: Glenn Jarvis <>
From: Ben Collver <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/08/2004 21:54:09
Hello Glen,

To answer your last question first, your running NetBSD installation
will not need to access the CDROM if you replace it with the D: drive.
I assume you would like to get the CDROM running off the sound card's
interface.  One thing that would be helpful is to see a copy of the
output from the dmesg command.

Is that sound card ISA Plug-and-Play?  If so, it should just work.

If the sound card is not ISAPNP, you may need to find the IRQ and IO
settings for the IDE interface, then add a "wdc" line in your kernel

Might want to double-check the jumpers on the CDROM itself.  If it is
set as slave to the C: drive, it should probably be changed to
standalone or master when attached to the sound card.

My SoundBlaster 16 has ports for Sony and Mitsumi interfaces as well as
IDE.  If you have multiple interfaces on the sound card, make sure you're
using the IDE interface. <:)

Hope this helps,


> Now the problem was it couldn't identify the CDROM on the SB IDE 
> interface. So , I disconnected D-Drive and placed the CDROM there. I 
> followed through the instructions, got NetBSD installed (although the 
> prompt and interface left me standing here staring at it). However, I 
> need to hook up D-Drive again and put the CDROM back on the soundcard 
> IDE interface. What worries me, is I know NetBSD is going to notice the 
> change, but is it going to be able to figure it out and access the CDROM 
> while hooked up to the sound card IDE interface? Will it need to access 
> it because D-Drive has been added?
> Thanks for your wisdom folks.... :-)
> Glenn
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