Subject: Re: MP question...
To: Peter Eisch <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/07/2004 13:53:27

> I picked up a N440BX mobo with at PII/350 in it.  I had a PII/450 
> laying
> around so I put the 450 in slot 0 and the 350 in slot 1.  I thought 
> the bios
> would figure out or let me set different speeds for each cpu, but no.  
> So I
> set it to match the 450.
I don't know if it still applies, but Intel doesn't (officially) 
support asymmetrical multiprocessing. In the old PentiumPro days the 
CPUs had to be exactly the same stepping...

> For a day now I've been running 2.0_BETA on it with multiple builds in
> pkgsrc (a simple way to generate a load on the system).  For 24 hours 
> now of
> consistent loads over "2" it has chugged right along.
> Is this an indication that it  will be a reliable box over the haul?
I'd think so. Some IO stress, heavy CPU load... maybe build mozilla and 
KDE concurrently, if it finishes that it will build anything.

Well, I don't know if it's a good idea to overclock the 2nd CPU but 
they seem to be the same model ( if the cpuid field in your dmesg log 
is any indication ) so it's probably ok :)

have fun