Subject: Re: SMP Compaq AP400
To: Louis Sabet <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/18/2004 12:01:06
In message <458950000.1079628687@[]>, Louis Sabet writes:
>Hi there,
>I'm just having a play with NetBSD again, having not used it for several 
>years now, and I'm pleased to see that very little has changed :-).
>I wanted to set up a simple machine for running some logging software I 
>use, which is quite CPU and RAM intensive, so I'm using a dual processor 
>PIII-700 Compaq AP400 with 512Mb RAM.
>I installed NetBSD 1.6.2/i386 earlier, and the install went well, and 
>everything works apart from my two processors (at least I don't think they 
>dmesg tells me about just one processor, which it identifies as a 
>PII(Deschutes) running at just under 500MHz, and no mention of cpu1 - just 
>I'm not too worried about the clock speed, as this may be an issue with the 
>Compaq BIOS misreporting the clock speed (although linuxes seem to be OK on 
>picking up the 700Mhz clock speed on these compaqs) as the AP400 
>motherboards were originally designed only to take 500MHz chips, and later 
>compaq decided to sell them with 700 MHz as well. I would however very much 
>like my 2nd CPU to be available to me!
>I've never tried using any SMP on NetBSD, and have found it quite hard 
>finding information on the subject - am I banging my head against a brick 
>wall, or is there a solution? I'm guessing a simple kernel recompile would 
>do it, but I didn't see any mention of SMP anywhere really, and I'm 
>surprised the kernel doesn't have SMP support built in anyway.
>Any tips would be very much appreciated :-)

SMP isn't available in 1.6.  It is available in -current, which is 
looking pretty stable right now.

		--Steve Bellovin,