Subject: VLAN Configuration Problem
To: None <>
From: Ray Phillips <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/17/2004 18:32:28
I've tried a simple experiment using VLANs with an HP ProCurve 4000M 
switch but for some (probably stupid) reason haven't succeeded...

I created two new VLANs named test1 and test2 on the switch with tags 
10 and 11, respectively, then put one port into test1, another into 
test2, and a third in both.  I connected a PC running a recent 
-current build to the "common" port and one NetBSD/i386 machine to 
each of the others, then attempted to configure the "common" machine 
so it could ping each of the others, but no joy.  The best I could 
get was a successful ping to one but not both.

The central machine has an ex0 NIC.  Does it matter whether or not 
ex0 has been configured, and is  up or not, at the time the pseudo 
vlan device is created?

What's the appropriate combination of assigning an IP number(s) and 
subnet mask(s) to ex0 and vlan0 -- should both devices be given these 
values or just one, and should they be the different?

Should I have created two pseudo vlan devices or just one?  At first 
I configured the switches "common" port to be tagged (in the switch's 
configuration nomenclature) for the VLAN test1 and untagged for 
test2.  When I didn't succeed I selected "tagged" for both its VLANs 
and created another vlan pseudo device, but it didn't help.