Subject: Re: sysinst terminated problems upgrading to NetBSD-1.5.2
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Bolo <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/29/2001 11:41:23
> I just upgraded two 1.4.3 boxes to 1.5.2, and it worked for me! The
> only problem I had was that it overwrote root's ".cshrc", ".profile",
> and crontab, and there's an open PR on that already.

OK.  I saw something about that and moved all the existing root 
dot files out of the way to see if that helped.

> How far along does sysinstall fail for you? When it fails, does it
> dump you into the shell, or panic, or what?

Oops, I realized I forgot to include that info when I awoke this morning. :(

Single disk install, sd0, buslogic PCI controller, works just fine.
Booting from boot1.fs, boot2.fs, and I have a SCSI cd drive with a
cdrom in it to grab the NetBSD install sets from

Sysinst detected the disk, the NetBSD DOS partition, and the NetBSD
disklabel and its partitions correctly, and fscked them.

After that the display flashed a few times with no visible text output
to it.  It then cleared leaving the 'sysinst terminated' line at the
bottom of the display.

Looking at the filesystem, it created /emul, and the start of
a new /etc with resolv.conf, rc, and one or two other things in
it.   No fstab.   

If I try to re-run upgrade it then complains that there is no fstab.
If I copy the fstab over from etc.old, it tries to start the upgrade
from scratch again, notices etc.old, and tells you about it.
Looking at the archives, I can ' rm -rf etc ; mv etc.old etc' and try
to start from scratch again, but it fails there everytime.

As I mentioned, there is no diagnostic output to tell what went wrong.