Subject: Re: Bootloader question
To: Anders Lind <>
From: Bernd Limbach <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/29/2001 13:13:53
Hi Anders, hi all!

> I have a little question regarding the bootloader. Currently
> I am running Linux and Windows on a 40 GB box from where I boot
> Linux from a floppy, because of LILO's limit of the 1024 Cylinder...(I
> could of course upgrade it), anyway what I was gonna ask was
> if the NetBSD bootloader have any kind of same limit or if I
> could use the bootloader to load all three OS'es if I installed
> NetBSD.

I installed NetBSD 1.5 happily beside Win2k on my laptop with a 20GB hard
disc beyond cyl 1024. The NetBSD part was located from 12GB to 20GB.
Installing and booting via the NetBSD bootloader was fine and

I don't have any experience with Linux.

MfG, Best regards,
GP, BP, YIS                                 Bernd &