Subject: Re: Help with X for Diamond Stealth III S540
To: None <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/26/2001 02:47:09
Until a program crash under WinME blew away the partition table, MBR, and 
the beginning of the disk, I had a Stealth III S540 (as reported by the 
card on the screen when X11 started up) running as the second display.

It defaulted to a grey background.  My .xinitrc had the following to get a 
prettier display and a window manager running:

xsetroot -display mymachine:0.1 -solid cyan

mwm -display mymachine:0.1 &

followed with the window manager for the console screen:


At 10:27 AM 11/22/2001 +0000, wrote:
>I have been unable to get my diamond stealth III s540 card to work on
>Xwindows with netbsd 1.5.2. I get a blank grey screen when executing
>I see the supported cards list does not have it listed
>(, but the x86config utility has
>it in the database. I did not modify any of the settings
>configured by x86config.
>Does anyone have the stealth III s540 card
>working? Any pointers please? Thx.
>I hope so for your sake commander. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am...

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