Subject: RE: 'audioplay' to inbuilt speaker ..
To: 'Lennart Augustsson' <>
From: Jenkins, Graham K <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/26/2001 12:10:09
>"Jenkins, Graham K" wrote:

>> I've just built a kernel from a configuration file which has the "spkr0"
>> line uncommented, but I'm finding that:
>>     audioplay -d /dev/speaker /tmp/
>> gives:
>>     "Failed to open /dev/audioctl0: Device not configured"
>> What am I doing wrong here??

> Nothing.  There is no audio driver for the built in speaker.
> Although it's possible to make some low quality sounds with it, it's
> not easy to do efficiently.  So there is no driver.

So why is there a line for 'spkr0' in the config file ??   It's not
needed for 'sysbeep'.   And how would one drive the speaker
if one wanted to?