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Date: 11/16/2001 05:43:30
China Financial Guide 2002 has been published!

We are glad to inform that we have published "China Financial Guide 2002",=
 which lists down all financial institutions (local and foreign) operating=
 in China=2E

China has emerged as the most important market in Asia=2E The attractivene=
ss of China market is further enhanced with China joining the World Trade =
Organization=2E  No organization can afford to ignore this important marke=
t in Asia=2E The vast and untapped China economy provides the best busines=
s opportunity and growth engine for your organization=2E

China Financial Guide 2002 gives you the timely and comprehensive director=
y containing a complete listing of all the local and foreign financial ins=
titutions in China=2E This directory is the key reference guide for both f=
inancial and non-financial organizations worldwide that are interested in =
capturing market shares in China=2E Organizations, government authorities,=
 financial institutions, multinational companies or any companies that are=
 interested in China will find this guide useful=2E

Whether your organization is searching for local financial partners for ti=
e-up or locating the nearest financial institutions in China for your fina=
ncing needs, this directory is a must that provides you with all the relev=
ant information=2E

Who needs this directory:

Financial Institutions
Key master and reference guide for all your important financial contacts i=
n China=2E Search for the right local partners in the financial industry=2E=
 Know who and where other market players have established operations in Ch=

Government / International Bodies
Must have directory to guide all your governmental missions and business r=
elated assignments=2E

Relevant information for all your members to assist their business develop=
ment efforts in China

Multinational Companies
Important contacts and decision makers for marketing your products and ser=
vices=2E Key contacts for your financial requirements in China=2E

Libraries / Embassies
Key reference materials for users, members and for general enquiries=2E

Exporters, Traders and Manufacturing Companies
Assist your company to sell to potential buyers in the financial industry =
in China=2E Key contacts for your financial requirements in China=2E

Features of China Financial Guide 2002:

1200 pages of handy and useful information=2E
1500 financial institutions=2E  More than 1500 financial institutions cove=
red in the guide=2E
5000 key contacts=2E  More than 5000 decision makers in the financial indu=
stry in China=2E

This bilingual directory consists of useful information on:

=B7=09Telephone numbers
=B7=09Fax numbers
=B7=09Email addresses
=B7=09Website / URL
=B7=09Key management personnel
=B7=09Financial and other information

Of all (local and foreign) financial players in China namely:

=B7=09Insurance Companies
=B7=09Fund Management Companies
=B7=09Trust and Securities Companies
=B7=09Private Equity and Venture Capital Companies=20

Book Specifications:

Title : China Financial Guide 2002, Directory of Local and Foreign Financi=
al Institutions in China
ISBN : 981-04-4115-0
CIP/LC : HG3333, 332=2E102551-dc21, SLS2001026603
Edition : First Edition, 2002
Print Size : A5
Pages : 1,184 pages
Cover : Softcopy
Binding : Perfect String Binding

Selling Price [Total : USD138 per copy]

Selling price of the China Financial Guide 2002:
United States Dollar, USD98 per copy + USD40 per copy for global priority =
shipping and handling charges=2E
[Total: USD138 per copy]

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Email : chinaguide@lycosasia=2Ecom


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Each copy costs USD98 plus USD40 delivery charges (total USD138)=2E  Pleas=
e email us if your organization is keen to purchase a copy of this guide=2E=

Many thanks and regards