Subject: Re: Confusion
To: beaker <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/14/2001 11:14:54
Hello Beaker,

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, beaker wrote:

> -Allow any system user to sendmail to another local user &/or a remote
> address.

By default, sendmail already does this.

> -Hold mail if pppd is not running. (connection is via dialup)

Sendmail already does this. The mail is queued, if it can't send it; then
it can try later. "sendmail -q" reruns the queue (tries to send) or you
can have sendmail always running with "sendmail -bd -q30m" to try every
thirty minutes. I usually just use cron to deliver every half hour or
every four hours.

> Its unclear to me what features I need & what the correct format of
> /etc/mail/genericstable entries should be.

/usr/src/gnu/dist/sendmail/cf/README "SENDMAIL CONFIGURATION FILES"

It is used to change email address; here is an example from the above doc:


It is probably not needed. But tell us more on what you need to

> I think just seeing a functional "" (with appropriate entries for
> dialup & ppp) might set me on the right track. Anyone ???

I'd just use the default configs. You can send mail.

By the way, port-i386 is probably not relevant to this discussion -- the
hardware/architecture/port doesn't matter. You may want to consider to not
continuing this discussion there.

   Jeremy C. Reed