Subject: Re: Accessing Windows FAT-32 partition
To: Fernando Bitti Loureiro <>
From: beaker <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/07/2001 14:30:33
> I found that FAT is "MSDOS", NTFS-4 is "NTFS" and NTFS-5 is not supported,
> but I couldn't find the option for FAT32. Anyway several docs say it's
> supported, but no examples or guidelines are provided. I'm using NetBSD

The MSDOS does indeed cover FAT16 & FAT32. I seem to recall the two
partition options being differentiated via a ">" (greater than) & "<"(less
than) 32MB. In other words, if you want FAT32 make sure the partition you
create is over 32MB.


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