Subject: RE: DNS help required - outside/inside
To: 'Dan Melomedman' <>
From: Jeroen Massar <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/04/2001 02:13:12
Dan Melomedman wrote:

> sudog writes: 
> > anything special. Just get BIND9.
> The Buggy Internet Name Daemon. 

With a couple of very nice and very not bugging features:
 - IPv6 support in the main tree*
 - Views...

and that's a very nice feature.... as you make one view for the LAN and
one for the world so you won't have to expose those rfc1918 or other
stuff you put into your 'private/internal' dns to the outerworld...
Ofcourse for a homelan you probably simply let your dnsserver bind to
local IP's and/or firewall the external port away...


* = not some weird patch which mr bernstein doesn't want to take as "it
isn't my own source and if I apply it then people can probably claim
that $10k sploit prize" which also really nicely undermines anything
"open-source", yeah it's open source but whats the use... one can only
audit and not get your hard work into the main tree so you can get some
respect from that, only one person being the good guy... but hey...
that's prolly my opinion ;)