Subject: Re: DNS help required - outside/inside
To: sudog <>
From: Tomasz Luchowski <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/03/2001 00:19:34
On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 09:11:36AM -0800, sudog wrote:
> On Friday 02 November 2001 07:44, you wrote:
> > If you're not going to be resolving internal addresses, then just point
> > all machines to your ISP's DNS servers. If however, you want to resolve
> > your internal addresses, then you could run djbdns to achieve that
> > (
> It's simpler to just set up zonefiles for the internal addresses. The bind 
> is smart enough to know to go outside and pick up the correct addresses as 
> soon as you connect to the internet. You don't need lame djbdns to do 
> anything special. Just get BIND9.
Hey, don't call it lame. I use it on all boxes and I'm happy,
and it just works.

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