Subject: Re: vi broken currently?
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From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/02/2001 22:08:10
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On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 03:18:25AM +0100, Feico Dillema wrote:
> Hmmm, trying to get sshd to segfault remotely is not what I like to
> do. I''ll try it when I get into my office again. Maybe tomorrow.

Heh. Fair enough.

You could just ssh in regularly and start *another* sshd (making use
of the -p flag), of course. ;^>

> Does PR 14418 only apply to sshd in debug mode? Without debug mode I
> don't see any problems with my sshd at least...

Yeah, I'm not clear on that either.

Lets find out, shall we?

Okay, my sshd doesn't seg fault, even if it is in debug mode, so I'd
say that Nigel's problem is the result of some other oddity on his
system. (This is important because it means that some basic libc
stuff is NOT broken, as I had thought it might be, leading to
segfaults in some cases--sshd--and just complaints in others--vi.)

Feico, are you able to make anything else spew bad free messages?
Even ex seems okay on my system. Which suggests either that that
change on 10/20 (I don't recall the details, but I'll investigate
via cvs log in a few moments) is what broke vi, or that some
interface which vi (but not ex) uses was changed.

Has anyone gotten vi to misbehave more than just complaining about
free()ing freed pages?

       ~ g r @

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