Subject: Connecting - next step!
To: None <>
From: Jon <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/02/2001 09:28:13
ok, I can connect to my ISP, I think!

It dials and then seems to connect.

I do get an error - Couldn't add default route: File exists
but I suspect that is nothing.

I tried to ping an ip address (with a -n) and it just sat there.

How do I check it works, I think there must be a problem otherwise I should be able to ping!

I get up messages showing me local and remote ip addresses and then it sits there. If I listen on the phone I can hear static like it is on.

So what is my next step? how do I diagnose the problem.

If there are issues with the setup like flow control or such like would that show up as an error?
If I don't get the speed right will it connect as fast as it can or screw it up?